Unspoilt Paradise

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an unspoilt paradise amidst the chain of lush islands that makes up the Caribbean. What awaits you is nothing but nature’s allure that revolutionises your options, away from the typical chapel wedding. Experience a bounty of natural utopic enchantment like you have never imagined.

St.Vincent and the Grenadines, a multiplicity of islands of volcanic origin has metamorphosed into majestic mountain ranges that give rise to the most spectacular and crystalline waterfalls you’ll ever envisage.  These cascading wonders secluded among towering bamboos and luscious heliconias form habitat for many frolicking native birds offering you the perfect musical accompaniment for your amorous wedding vows.

Scenic trails and footpaths unfold the intimacy of our pristine virgin forest and rhythmically winding rivers characterised by their ambient charm.  Unequivocally the ideal place to say your “I do” with untamed nature as your witness.

Romance is the epitome of these spectacular islands, evidently divulged from the majestic array of our emerald mountains to the magnificence of our panoramic coastlines.

Our dual-coloured beaches echo the colours of our world’s races.  Black volcanic sand beaches welcome you to the north-western and eastern shorelines. Pearl-white sand beaches usher you into the havens of the eastern coast and the rest of the Grenadines.

The turquoise and translucent waters of shores hug and caress these quixotic beaches, creating the perfect union of love and togetherness.

The picturesque sunset that lustrously creates a kaleidoscope of colours in our radiant evening skies majestically descends on an ambience of felicity, passion and serenity.  The soothing sounds of waves and the cool oceanic breeze that embraces your coupled silhouettes all combined to offer you a wedding of heavenly proportions.

St.Vincent and the Grenadines is an “unexhausted” wedding destination that transcends any other and caters to your wildest expectations.  It is beyond doubt a bliss that would transfix your senses and create a life lasting memory of your encounter with paradise

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